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Casthalia Fintech provides financial investment advice and management consulting for companies and individuals that want to use new platforms technology to optimize processes. Advice aims to operate in compliance with standards, cost reduction and service level.

Asset Management

We provide traditional asset management on innovative technological platforms reducing costs and enhancing the investment process. These platforms are regulated and offer same guarantee as traditional banks.

“Service currently under licensing process”

Crypto Consultancy

We provide global advice and strategy to safely guide and provide expert consulting on how to manage your approach to crypto assets.

“For educational purposes only. We don’t advice to invest in unregulated markets”

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

We analyze projects planning their ICOs. We accurately monitor and inspect trends in business models, products and technologies of startups at their fundraising stage. We follow market dynamics and investor’s behavior to provide a professional advice.

“For educational purposes only. We don’t advice to invest in unregulated markets”

Blockchain Consultancy

Learning and education for the private and public sector about blockchain technologies and fintech. We provide you the knowledge to operate inside the blockchain, the business implementation and technical choices from a truly unbiased point of view.

Mining Project Setup

We’re experts in mining rigs and farm planning and construction. We can provide consultation services to help make your project go smoothly.


Our aim is to provide professional wealth management services in the field of innovative regulated investment platforms


With innovative investment platforms you are free from many limitations that apply to traditional banks.

Control and privacy

You can check your investments and have a transparent overview of your assets from anywhere in the world.


Every transaction is traceable and transparent. Therefore, all transactions can be in any time verified, avoiding hidden cost.

Low cost

Traditional banking incur in hidden fees and transaction costs. With innovative platforms costs are squeezed.


Our custodian platforms use last generation security protocols. We are offering the maximum data protection.

about us

Casthalia is a Swiss company based in Ticino whose aim is financial and managerial consultancy in new encryption technologies applied to finance at tech.

Casthalia’s goal is to offer itself as a qualified and regulated interlocutor for anyone who needs consulting and services in these innovative technologies.

Patrick Borradori

CEO & Founder

Natasha Grippaldi


Raffaella Irak

Execution & Administration

where to find us

Casthalia Fintech
Via al Fiume 1
6929 Gravesano
[email protected]


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  • Marco Rossi

    Blackmoon Investment

    I wish I would have thought of it first. I will refer everyone I know.

  • Giorgio Bianchi

    IGN Investment

    Great service and professional consultancy


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